August 11, 2014
Visit The Screening Room

The Adventist Review Online introduces a brand new feature we call The Screening Room. This new feature showcases videos produced by Seventh-day Adventist filmmakers. In time, The Screening Room library will feature a wide array of content, including documentaries, short stories, devotional thoughts, testimonies, and more. This week's feature, Millennial Matrix, showcases a new young-adult ministry launched by the Arizona Conference. To view the video click here.

Breaking Church News

LLUH: Students Showcase Scientific Research

About 80 students spent their summer at Loma Linda University Health in California.

UK: Telford Church Sponsors Community Health Day

Telford's deputy mayor opened the event.

Australia: Strong Support for the One Project

Some 400 participants gathered in Sydney for the program.

Atoms, Nanometers, and Microscopes

WWU professor provides a glimpse into the atomic world.

World Religion News

Headlines From Religion News Service

Nigeria: Christian Killings Rise Sharply

More than 1,500 Christians were killed this year.

Survey: U.S. Should Shelter Child Migrants

Child migrants garner support from conservatives and liberals alike.

Uganda: Anglican Leader Doubles Down on Anti-gay Law

Courts declared the law unconstitutional on August 1.

Garden of Eden Exhibit Takes Artists Back to Where it all Began

The exhibit opens news vistas for the Museum of Biblical Art in New York.

This Week's Special Features

The Visit of the Magi

Editorial: How is it that we have subtly constructed a church culture across the face of Adventism in which new ministries must wait for approval, asks Bill Knott.

Eight Stories of Grace

August 14 Cover Feature: Compiled from ASI. This story is the center piece of our special ASI issue. As a service to our readers the entire magazine is open to the public until August 13.

One People: Washed by the Blood, Robed in White

Editorial: "God did not leave humanity without an effective remedy for such divisiveness," says John Fowler.

A Voice to Reach the World

In the Spotlight: Adventist Review editor Bill Knott interviews Shawn and Jean Boonstra.

Maintaining Church Unity

Transformation Tips: Delbert W. Baker offers practical advice on how to avoid "the MEGO effect."

Abraham's Other Children

July 24 Cover: Linda Smith on how God is reaching Muslims with the gospel.

The New, Friendly Face of the Papacy

As I See It: Gerhard Padderatz takes a look at reading current events in the light of prophecy.

Hearing the Thump

Journeys with Jesus: Jill Morikone reminds us of the moments we have to see clearly in order to be of help to others.



Sligo Church

Based on the outskirts of Washington D.C., in Takoma Park, Maryland, the Sligo congregation has a vibrant community program and a variety of ministries. Under the leadership of Pastor Charles Tapp, the congregation offers a vibrant worship service.

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