August 10, 2012
Questions & Answers

Questions & Answers Regarding Current Issues of Unity Facing the Church

A document from world church leaders

An Appeal for Oneness in Christ

A response by GC Officers and division presidents to the Columbia Union Conference constituency vote.

World Church President Appeals for Unity in TV Interview

"All of us need to show respect to each other," Wilson says

Church Leaders Issue an Appeal for Oneness in Christ

Responding to Columbia Union Conference action, unity is stressed.

Breaking Church News

Nashville Dispatch

AR features editor Sandra Blackmer reports from the NAD Teacher Conference.

Youth for Jesus Has Impact on Fort Worth--and ASI Youth

Month-long campaign expected to conclude during the ASI convention.

Adventist Youth Reach Out in ASI-linked Austrian Event

GYC holds first European congress.

ASI-funded Project Seeks Geologic Clues to Earth's Story

Researchers filmed in Utah's Shinarump conglomerate.

Miracle Meadows Helps Toughest of Children Cope, Change

ASI member institution ministers to those who have been abused.

This Week's Special Features

This is Your Second Warming

Feature: Bill Knott believes it is an awesome thing to be "in Christ."

Whatever Happened to the Lost?

Cover Story: Shawn Boonstra raises some disturbing questions. 

Re-imagining the Lost

Devotional: We can find precious truths in the parable of the lost coin, says Anthony Kent.

Closer to the Source

Feature: An ASI member is making the whole experience of food better.

Bullying in Adventist Schools?

Web Exclusive: Sandra Blackmer reports from the North American Division Teachers Convention.

A Different Ministry

Web Exclusive: Adventist Risk Management is on a mission to protect children from sexual abuse, says Julio Muñoz.

Going Back Again

July 26 Cover Feature: Esther Ramos shares lessons learned from the classroom.

Would I Do It All Over Again?

July 26 Cover Feature: Adventist Education: A look at a parent's perspective with Harper DeLong.


More Features

Maranatha Mission Stories

Produced by Maranatha Volunteers International, based in Sacramento, California, this weekly 30-minute telecast features stories from around the world. Host Dick Duerksen introduces viewers to communities that have been changed, and personal testimonies from volunteers who have been touched by Maranatha.

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