April 7, 2014
Breaking Church News

Solomon Islands Capital Hit by Deadly Floodwaters

As many as 10,000 were evacuated.

Potomac Conference Members Help Spanish-speaking Students Earn GEDs

Nearly 50 students graduated from the program.

Free Tax Preparation Program Provides Refunds and Learning Opportunities

The returns brought back $313,900 in total refunds.

Fiji: Rare Camp Meeting Held in Remote Island

More than 300 islanders gathered for the meeting.

Scholar's Book Places new Spin on Philosopher's Theories

The La Sierra University professor's book was published in February. 

World Religion News

Headlines From Religion News Service

Tax Reform Proposal Threatens Charities

The measure would reduce donation limits.

Kenya: Christian Leaders Oppose Polygamy Bill

Leaders say the bill will undermine Christian principles of marriage.

Thrivent Financial is no Longer for Lutherans Only

The firm now takes applications from all Christians.

Letter From MLK to Rosa Parks Goes on Sale

The sellers are asking $125,000.

This Week's Special Features

How to Survive Spiritually in Prison

Transformation Tips: Delbert Baker draws lessons from imprisoned Adventist minister António Monteiro.


Editorial: Gerald Klingbeil issues a warning against instant gratification.

Remembering Rwanda

Web Exclusive: Claude Richli recently visited Rwanda -- 20 years after the genocide. Read his 6-part report.  

Biblical Earmarks

Heart and Soul -- Theology: What does the Bible teach about meditation? Ask Derick A. Adu

Zip-lining, Campfires, Togetherness, and God

March 27 Cover: Wilona Karimabadi reminds us that summer camp isn't just for kids.

Growing Pains

Adventist Life: "Was life ever that simple?" asks Bethany Jones.

"Is It My Fault?"

Journeys With Jesus: Jill Morikone reminds us that Jesus is always going to win.

Through the Fire

March 20 Cover Feature: Luz Alva Arauzo tells the story of a fledgling church's time in the spotlight.


Messages From Bermuda

With more than 3,000 members and 10 churches, the Bermuda Conference of Seventh-day Adventists is spreading the good news of the gospel throughout that island nation. The conference also operates an elementary school and day academy. Under the leadership of President Jeffrey B. Brown, the conference has recently started an Internet ministry that features selected messages delivered at conference churches.

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