April 7, 2010
Breaking Church News

Adventist Joins White House Panel

GC Official James Standish bring new ideas.

Paulsen Dialogues With Dutch Youth

Topics include homosexuality, environment.

Adventist Composes Mission-Minded Opera

The work debuts April 10 at Carnegie Hall.

Evolution Controversy Stirs La Sierra Campus

Adventist school reaffirms church's teachings; some critics unsatisfied.

A Unique Mission

An explanation of the Adventist Review's coverage of the evolution controversy at La Sierra U.

Are you interested in urban ministry? Is your church engaged in social evangelism? If so, the Nonprofit Leadership Certification Program is designed for you. Starting May 16, the two-level course offers workshops in community needs assessment, strategic planning, ministering cross-culturally, social entrepreneurship and marketing, human resource development, fundraising strategies, and much more. The training sessions are sponsored by Adventist Community Services. For more information and to register, click here.

World Religion News

Headlines From Religion News Service

South Carolina Episcopal Diocese Declares Itself "Sovereign"

The diocese serves 47 parishes.

Will The Pope Resign? Can He?

Only one pope has retired of his own volition.

Survey Reveals Church Support For Immigration Reform

A U.S. poll questioned 1,201 registered voters.

New Orleans Catholic Diocese Must Open Bids on Katrina Reconstruction

The church must stop using preferred contractors to rebuild parochial schools.

April 8, 2010 Issue Focus

Miles High on Marriage

Is marital fatihfulness a thing of the past?

The Claiming Continues

"Just Claim It 2" trains, teaches, and empowers youth.

The Downside of Divorce

No one walks away unscarred.

Naming the Stars

He who names the stars has assured us that darkness is coming to an end.

Stand Still

A challenge to Adventist youth

In Another Man's Skin

We need to walk in the shoes of others.

This Week's Special Features

Problems With "Adventist" Futurism

Are Adventists obsessed wtih prophetic speculation?

Another Look at Calvary

Here's a resource for this seaon: a collection of articles focusing on the meaning of Christ's death and resurrection.

"The Adventists": Coming to a Screen Near You

Martin Doblmeier was so impressed with the Adventist health message that he made a movie about it. And he's not even an Adventist!

The Shaming of Religion

A new web-only exclusive by John W. Whitehead.

Childhood Obesity and Behavior Change

How do we combat the trend toward weight gain in pre-teen years?

People Will Notice

Who notices what we do or what we say? Roy Adams' answers may surprise you.


KTSY FM — Sacred Sounds For Contemporary Christians

Broadcasting throughout southern Idaho, KTSY FM is a Family Friendly Music Station  owned by the Idaho Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. Based in Caldwell, Idaho, KTSY FM is a listener supported station, broadcasting 24 hours a day. It features a Contemporary Christian music format.

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