April 30, 2015
Breaking Church News

A Teacher Who Stopped Soccer Practice for Bible Study

The South American Division celebrates 120 years of Adventist education.

Adventist Leaders Reach Out in Violence-Torn Baltimore

Church members go into the streets to help restore peace to the U.S. city.

Relief Starts Reaching Adventists in Nepal Villages

The believers express joy that the church has not forgotten them.

ADRA Boosts Earthquake Relief Efforts in Nepal

A young boy from an Adventist family becomes the first known injury within the local Adventist Church.

Why the Devil Bestows Victory Over Sin

Commentary: Herod by the demons of indulgence killed John the Baptist, while the Pharisees by demons of righteousness killed Jesus.

George Knight Recognized as ‘Probably Most Prolific Author Since Ellen White’

The Adventist historian is presented with a special book to celebrate his long career.

This Week's Special Features

Escape From Saigon

Forty years ago at the end of the Vietnam War, came a moment in time when church and geopolitical history intersected.

San Antonio’s Free Clinic Changed Me as a Surgeon

Commentary: I wasn’t prepared for the effect that the three days would have on my view of my practice and my church.

What Christians Can Learn From a Marathon Cheat

Commentary: A woman who lost her gold medal at the St. Louis Marathon last week offers a lesson about shortcuts, says John Bradshaw.

Avoiding a Sabbath Plane Flight Saved My Life

Commentary: Crises are God’s opportunities to remind us of realities we should take seriously.

The Cost of Discipleship

WEB EXCLUSIVE Commentary: Dietrich Bonhoeffer and the church's prophetic voice.

How Never to Be Offended

Commentary: It may sound strange, but I am never offended by anything when I'm in tune with God and His law.

Adventism Through Millennials' Eyes

Engage: Three scholars share the latest research on the attitudes of millennial Adventists.


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