April 29, 2011
Breaking Church News

Adventist Ministers to Gang Community

Former drug addict now calls himself "advocate."

In Ivory Coast, Adventist Church Work Resumes

Two churches destroyed, one member killed in post-election violence.

Longtime Adventist Review Designer Bill Tymeson Dies

Served magazine since 1996.

Adventist Youth Plant Seeds of Service

United Youth Congress attendees immersed themselves into the community.

This Week's Special Features

Who Does the Choosing?

If the future is set, do we still get to choose?

The Seventh Day: It's More Than a Name--It's a Mission

Seventh-day Adventist is more than a name. It's a link to our past and our future.

Sandra Blackmer's India Adventure

Follow the Adventist Review's assistant editor as she visits literacy schools in India.

A Taste of New Wine

We cannot continue to do business as usual.

A Checklist for Christians

What are the essential characteristics of being Christian?

Buzzing About the Beehive

Young adults actively involved in reaching their secular campuses for Christ.

Celebrate Your Troubles

An excerpt from The Blessing of Adversity by Barry Black,
chaplain of the U.S. Senate and a Seventh-day Adventist minister.


Emmanuel-Brinklow Adventist Church

Located in Ashton, Maryland, the growing congregation is led by the preaching ministry of Pastor Anthony Medley and his pastoral team. The church has established a growing Internet presence that features video sermons.

Let's Pray

The Adventist Review staff meets each Wednesday morning at 8 a.m. for worship and prayer. We'd love to include your prayer requests, so send them to prayer@adventistreview.org. Let's share in each other's lives.

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