April 24, 2015
Breaking Church News

SAU President to Retire 

Gordon Bietz, who will retire from Southern Adventist University in May 2016, says the secret to success is to “love the people.”

Adventist Church Mourns Migrants Killed in Boat Tragedy

Some 700 migrants are feared dead after their ship capsizes in the Mediterranean.

Adventists Find Way to Reach Costa Rica's Upper-Middle Class

One of the church's largest health expos in Central America was held in a mall.

Adventist Church Condemns Xenophobic Violence in South Africa

The church works with ADRA and Meals on Wheels to care for displaced people.

La Sierra University Praises No. 2 Prize as Answer to Prayer

Adventist students use a bus and a “cow bank” to share a message with business leaders.

European Adventists Make Call to Go Green on Earth Day

“We have had a planet to manage. What have we done with it?” the Inter-European Division asks.

200 Adventist Pastors Get a New Job: Emergency Worker

ADRA and the church team up in the Dominican Republic to turn the pastors into better community leaders.

Biblical Scholar Celebrates 70th Birthday With a Book

Friends present Ángel Manuel Rodríguez with a special volume.

This Week's Special Features

Avoiding a Sabbath Plane Flight Saved My Life

Commentary: Crises are God’s opportunities to remind us of realities we should take seriously.

Stop Hitting the Repeat Button of History

Commentary: Adventists should consider during the 100 Days of Prayer whether they have failed to learn the lessons of history.

The Cost of Discipleship

WEB EXCLUSIVE Commentary: Dietrich Bonhoeffer and the church's prophetic voice.

How Never to Be Offended

Commentary: It may sound strange, but I am never offended by anything when I'm in tune with God and His law.

Adventism Through Millennials' Eyes

Engage: Three scholars share the latest research on the attitudes of millennial Adventists.

A Lesson in Fatherhood From Tiger Woods

News commentary: The golf giant’s disqualification from a contest unravels the mystery of a father’s love.

Am I an Adventist?

April Cover Feature: The Review editor challenges readers to think carefully about their chosen identity.


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