April 24, 2013
Breaking Church News

Walla Walla Pastor to Lead Kettering College of Medical Arts

Alex Bryan ends four-year ministry in the Pacific Northwest.

Adventists, Friends Celebrate Religious Liberty in Chiapas

In southern Mexico religious liberty grows despite history of intolerance.

At Andrews U., Wilson Urges 'Authentic' Spirituality for Adventists

Vespers service included a revealing Q-and-A exchange.

Robert Olson, Church Scholar, Dies

Led White Estate, defended Spirit of Prophecy.

World Religion News

Headlines From Religion News Service

Controversial Baptist Leader Richard Land Gets a New Job

He will head a North Carolina seminary.

Long-time Billy Graham Associate George Beverly Shea Dies

Shea was 104.

U.S. Muslims Mobilize to Prevent Boston Backlash

Muslim leaders say some false reports have surfaced in the press.

Immigration Reform Gets Personal for Evangelicals

Several congregations are now feeling the heat.

April 24, 2013 Adventist Review

In the Kitchen With Helen

Cover Feature: Wilona Karimabadi's story about a family who cares abut eating right.

More Than You Asked For

Devotional: Paulasir Abraham on the advantages of a different kind of "freebie."

The Tree

Editorial: Gerald Klingbeil looks at trees and the health of our churches.

The Philemon Principle

Transformation Tips: Delbert Baker takes a look at an often overlooked but important book.

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This Week's Special Features

Postmodernism in the Classroom

As I See It: Can an Adventist find biblical values in a postmodern classroom? Ask Michael Zwaagstra.


Editorial: Lael Caesar explains the term sqooshkappers.

Why a Modern Prophet?

Web Exclusive: What is the function of a modern prophet? Albert Timm explains.

Cultural Leaders

The Life of Faith: Andy Nash points to leaders in popular culture for lessons we can all learn from them.

Walking the Newsbeat

April 18 Cover Feature: Debbie Michel's story of her life as a journalist who wanted to find more than the news.

That Mission Field Down the Street

April 11 Cover Feature: There's an untapped mission field at your local high school, says Scott Ward.

Say Goodbye to Diabetes

Web Exclusive: Adventist Review editor Bill Knott interviews Dr. Wes Youngberg about his new book.


More Features

Sligo Church

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