April 22, 2015

What People are Saying About
the New Adventist Review

Thank you, this redesign is so amazingly reader friendly and clear. I just ordered my first annual subscription. —W.

Job well done! Before I even took my new Review out of the plastic wrapper, I knew it was a winner. I love the size, the layout, the feel of the magazine, and the ease of reading it. I like to carry it with me when I have to sit and wait anywhere. This new style is perfect for that. Thanks for the hard work that went into making a great read even better. —Shelia

Wow! Absolutely top notch! Truly a pleasure to look at. Give the designer a big bonus! These superlatives are deserved; they are not an exaggeration. The design even got me to read an article that I didn’t agree with. It also got me curious about the content and interested to go back and see if there were some gems I might have missed in the first skim-through. . . . I find the visual change to be refreshing and enjoyable. —Gill

I couldn't help but share my enthusiasm for the relevant materials, creative layout and format, appealing content, and visual imagery with our campus ministries team, which is solely comprised of Millennials. Our young adults were thrilled to see such a publication, especially since its content is absolutely and unashamedly Adventist, which compelled more than a quarter of them to instantly subscribe! —Anna

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