April 17, 2015
Breaking Church News

Sri Lanka: Authorities Seek to Disband Adventist Congregation

The case, instigated by Buddhist monks, raises new fears of religious intolerance.

Adventist Church Will Release All-New Encyclopedia

The Encyclopedia of Seventh-day Adventism will debut online in 2020.

Cuba, Jacob, and the Art of Peacemaking

News commentary: For Adventists, reconciliation is not an option; it is a mandate.

2,009 Baptized in Unprecedented Evangelistic Series in Venezuela

A total of 15,600 church members join forces to share Jesus with their neighbors.

Voice of Prophecy Cuts Ribbon at New Offices

Shawn Boonstra brings the religious broadcaster to the Colorado hometown of its founder, H.M.S Richards.

This Week's Special Features

How Never to Be Offended

Commentary: It may sound strange, but I am never offended by anything when I'm in tune with God and His law.

Adventism Through Millennials' Eyes

Engage: Three scholars share the latest research on the attitudes of millennial Adventists.

A Lesson in Fatherhood From Tiger Woods

News commentary: The golf giant’s disqualification from a contest unravels the mystery of a father’s love.

Am I an Adventist?

Cover Feature: The Review editor challenges readers to think carefully about their chosen identity.

Sacred Balance

Connect: In an age of extreme everything, it's hard to find the perfect balance, says Bonita Joyner Shields.

Angelina Jolie's Cancer and Jesus Christ's Calvary

Commentary: Lael Caesar asks, "Which is worse--breast cancer or sin?

Snow and Stumbling Blocks

Editorial: Kimberly Maran reminds us to simply, helpfully—be a witness.


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