April 13, 2015
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Breaking Church News

Francis Wernick Dies

The former General Conference VP was 95.

3 Adventists Sue U.S. Baseball Team Over Sabbath

The former ballpark ushers say they were fired for refusing to work on Friday nights and Saturday afternoons. 

San Antonio: Free Adventist Clinic Treats 6,192 People 

Organizers call the three-day event a “tremendous success.”

South America: Record 15 Percent of Baptisms are Former Adventists

The South American Division leads the way in reaching out to former church members.

Hope Channel Starts Drive to Rebuild Vanuatu Churches

Church leaders describe the devastation that Cyclone Pam caused to the Adventist community.

E. G. White Estate Gets a World-Class Visitor Center

The remodeled center means White Estate director James Nix no longer has reason to be envious of Mormon sites.

148 Reasons Not to Be a Fundamentalist

News commentary: The Kenyan university tragedy offers a lesson to Adventists about taking fundamentalism too far.

World Religion News

Headlines From Religion News Service

Republicans, Religious Groups Urge High Court to Uphold Gay Marriage Bans

The case will be heard on April 28.

Gardner Taylor, Dean of Black Preachers, Dies

Taylor, who pastored one of New York City’s largest churches, was 96.

Kenya: Religious Leaders Urge Unity in Face of Garissa Massacre

Nearly 150 students died in the attacks.

Obama Meets Top Mormon Leaders

The leaders discussed various humanitarian issues.

This Week's Special Features

A Lesson in Fatherhood From Tiger Woods

News commentary: The golf giant’s disqualification from a contest unravels the mystery of a father’s love.

Am I an Adventist?

Cover Feature: The Review editor challenges readers to think carefully about their chosen identity.

Sacred Balance

Connect: In an age of extreme everything, it's hard to find the perfect balance, says Bonita Joyner Shields.

Angelina Jolie's Cancer and Jesus Christ's Calvary

Commentary: Lael Caesar asks, "Which is worse--breast cancer or sin?

Snow and Stumbling Blocks

Editorial: Kimberly Maran reminds us to simply, helpfully—be a witness.

Giving Our Sexuality to God

Heart and Soul Theology: John Nixon on going where we truly belong.

"The Church Appears About to Fall..."

The Life of Faith: "There are, however, signs of hope," says Andy Nash.

Hymns and Favorites

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Let's Pray

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