April 12, 2010
Help Your Pastor! Help Your Church!

... Invite your pastor and elders to view the FREE satellite seminar "THE WORD . . . FOR THESE TIMES" featuring Yale Divinity School’s Miroslav Volf; Adventist Review’s Roy Adams; Fuller Theological Seminary’s Marguerite Shuster; and La Sierra University’s Lawrence Geraty, LIVE on April 20. Click here for details.

World Religion News

Headlines From Religion News Service

Obama Bares His Soul for Easter Event

President shares personal spirituality with nearly 90 pastors, activists, and bishops.

Churches Wrestle with Drop in Donations

Megachurches, those with more than 2,000 members, are hardest hit.

Groups Press for Religious Freedom Envoy

Open letter urges president to fill vacant religious liberty openings.

South Carolina Episcopal Diocese Declares Itself "Sovereign"

The diocese serves 47 parishes.

This Week's Special Features

Miles High on Marriage

Is marital faithfulness a thing of the past?

Updates From the 2010 Spring Meetings

The latest news from the recent gathering

Problems with "Adventist" Futurism

Are Adventists obsessed with prophetic speculation?

"The Adventists": Coming to a Screen Near You

Martin Doblmeier was so impressed with the Adventist health message that he made a movie about it. And he's not even an Adventist!

The Shaming of Religion

A new web-only exclusive by John W. Whitehead

Childhood Obesity and Behavior Change

How do we combat the trend toward weight gain in pre-teen years?

People Will Notice

Who notices what we do or what we say? Roy Adams' answers may surprise you.

Are You Interested in Urban Ministry?

Is your church engaged in social evangelism? If so, the Nonprofit Leadership Certification Program is designed for you. Starting May 16, the two-level course offers workshops in community needs assessment, strategic planning, ministering cross-culturally, social entrepreneurship and marketing, human resource development, fundraising strategies, and much more. The training sessions are sponsored by Adventist Community Services. For more information and to register, click here.

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