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April 11, 2014
Breaking Church News

Adventist Mission Pilot Dies in Plane Crash

Bob Roberts served the church in Papua, Indonesia, for more than 20 years

Review & Herald Board Votes Leaner Profile for Publishing House

Workflow and personnel changes should save $1.5 million within a year. 

LLUMC Completes its 500th Liver Transplant

Francisco Munoz is undergoing rehabilitation.

Mexico City: Hundreds of Adventist Youth Walk for Health Awareness

Young people participated in a series of exercises.

WAU: 53 Baptized During Second Annual Campus Revival

Hundreds of students, faculty, and staff filled the outdoor tent.

Creative Project Highlighted at Council on Evangelism and Witness

Emphasis on results, accountability.

US$1 Million for TED 13th Sabbath Offering Projects

The offering marks a new record.

PAU Lecturers Share With Catholics

The Pacific Adventist University lecturers shared the beliefs and history of the Adventist church.

WAU Enactus Team Wins First Round

There are 518 Enactus teams around the U.S.

SPD: Easter Flyers for Signs

The magazine's Easter flyers will serve as outreach tool.

Rwanda After 20 Years: Nothing--But Too Much

A genocide survivor reflects on the massacre.

This Week's Special Features

The 11:00 Hour

April 10 Cover Feature: Stephen Chavez looks at how changes in communication and society have affected the sermon your hear on Sabbath morning.

At the Feet of His Disciples

Heart and Soul Biblical Studies: Richard A. Sabuin talkes about how Jesus washing His disciples feet still impacts us 2,000 years later.

How to Survive Spiritually in Prison

Transformation Tips: Delbert Baker draws lessons from imprisoned Adventist minister António Monteiro.


Editorial: Gerald Klingbeil issues a warning against instant gratification.

Remembering Rwanda

Web Exclusive: Claude Richli recently visited Rwanda -- 20 years after the genocide. Read his 6-part report.  

Biblical Earmarks

Heart and Soul -- Theology: What does the Bible teach about meditation? Ask Derick A. Adu

Zip-lining, Campfires, Togetherness, and God

March 27 Cover: Wilona Karimabadi reminds us that summer camp isn't just for kids.

Growing Pains

Adventist Life: "Was life ever that simple?" asks Bethany Jones.


Messages From Bermuda

With more than 3,000 members and 10 churches, the Bermuda Conference of Seventh-day Adventists is spreading the good news of the gospel throughout that island nation. The conference also operates an elementary school and day academy. Under the leadership of President Jeffrey B. Brown, the conference has recently started an Internet ministry that features selected messages delivered at conference churches.

Let's Pray

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AR Video Report

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