June 29, 2010
News From the GC Session

Delegates Elect 3 New Division Presidents

New leaders elected in North America, East-Central Africa, and the former Soviet Union.

GC VPs, Secretariat, and Treasury Leaders Elected

Nominating Committee selected nine general VPs, including four new ones.

Traveling the Silk Road

Session offering to sustain health, education, and evangelism projects in the 10/40 window.

Ministries in the Spotlight

Highlights from the exhibit floor.

New Exhibit Calls Young Adults

Generation Youth for Christ showcases young adult ministry.

Proposed Election Procedures Not Accepted

Delegates cite representational, practical issues.

Behind the Scenes of a President's Appointment

The Nominating Committee's attempt to keep the process confidential.

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This Week's Special Features

Surgeon General Praises Church's Commitment to Healthy Living

Vice Admiral Regina Benjamin speaks at the General Conference

The Grace of God

John Ferguson reminds us that the love of God is far broader than our love.

Grace and Family in a Fractured World

God's amazing grace is manifested in the heart of the family unit.

Impacting Lives With Hope

Adventists in South America are reflecting Christ's character in many ways, reports division president Erton Kohler.

The Most Challenging Field

That's how Jairyong Lee describes the territory of the Northern-Asia Pacific Division.

What the Spirit Achieves

The new president reflects on leadership, volunteers, and church unity.

The Adventist Mission: A 50-Year Perspective

A report from Archive and Statistics Director Bert Haloviak, presented June 25, 2010.


Listen to The Voice of Prophecy

Based in Simi Valley, California, the Voice of Prophecy radio ministry celebrated 80 years of broadcasting in 2009. Founded by Pastor H.M.S. Richards, Sr., the current speakers are Pastor Fred Kinsey and Connie Vandeman Jeffrey on the Weekend Voice broadcast, and Pastors Mike Tucker and Elizabeth Talbot on the daily broadcast.

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