June 16, 2010
Breaking Church News

Finley Returns to Chicago Area for Last Major Campaign

Before retiring from the GC, evangelist leads area-wide effort.

How Are General Conference Session Delegates Selected?

Constitution guides process designed to reflect church's diversity.

Local Pastors Shape the Church, Adventist President Says During Webinar

Paulsen fields questions from North American pastors in online discussion.

Pastor, Deacon Slain in North Mexico

Two killed in "mistaken identity" shooting, church leaders say.

The Adventists Documentary Makes Amazon "Best Seller" List

The film claimed second place for religious documentaries, and was twenty-sixth among all documentaries.

World Religion News

Anglican Leaders Demote Episcopalians

Episcopalians will not take part in doctrinal discussions.

Churches Race to Support Members Impacted by Oil Spill

Parishes provide food, money, and support.

Judge Rules Against Public School Graduation in a Church

The ruling follows three years of complaints.

Louisiana Lawmaker Wants to Refine Bill on Guns in Churches

The bill would prohibit guns in churches on college campuses.

June 17, 2010 Adventist Review

Savoring the Word

Engaging Scripture with the new Andrews Study Bible.

Blessing, Not Cursing

A Christian response to the epidemic of profanity.

Jesus and the Sabbath

Was the Lord of the Sabbath guilty of breaking it?

Being Part of Something Great

Making Scripture come alive is the joy of a Bible scholar.

Adventist Leadership

What do Adventist youth really know about their church leaders?

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This Week's Special Features

Seventh-day Darwinians, Redux

Clifford Goldstein shares more thoughts on theistic evolution.

The Emerging Church

Suddenly, it seems, this topic is being discussed by clergy and laity alike. What does it mean? What's at stake?

Breaking Down Barriers

The steep learning curve of the first Christians.

Looking Back to the Future

How do we view the future through a memorial?

Living in a "Code Yellow" World

Are society's troubles making you anxious? 

This is Not "My" Church

Our facts and faith are rooted in the Bible. You can count on that.

The Nebuchadnezzar Syndrome

A reflection on pastoral humility.


Listen to The Voice of Prophecy

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