June 14, 2010
World Religion News

Anglican Leaders Demote Episcopalians

Episcopalians will not take part in doctrinal discussions.

Churches Race to Support Members Impacted by Oil Spill

Parishes provide food, money, and support.

Judge Rules Against Public School Graduation in a Church

The ruling follows three years of complaints.

Louisiana Lawmaker Wants to Refine Bill on Guns in Churches

The bill would prohibit guns in churches on college campuses.

This Week's Special Features

The Emerging Church

Suddenly, it seems, this topic is being discussed by clergy and laity alike. What does it mean? What's at stake?

Seventh-day Darwinians, Redux

Clifford Goldstein shares more thoughts on theistic evolution.

Breaking Down Barriers

The steep learning curve of the first Christians.

Looking Back to the Future

How do we view the future through a memorial?

Living in a "Code Yellow" World

Are society's troubles making you anxious? 

This is Not "My" Church

Our facts and faith are rooted in the Bible. You can count on that.

The Nebuchadnezzar Syndrome

A reflection on pastoral humility.


Listen to The Voice of Prophecy

Based in Simi Valley, California, the Voice of Prophecy radio ministry celebrated 80 years of broadcasting in 2009. Founded by Pastor H.M.S. Richards, Sr., the current speakers are Pastor Fred Kinsey and Connie Vandeman Jeffrey on the Weekend Voice broadcast, and Pastors Mike Tucker and Elizabeth Talbot on the daily broadcast.

Historic Advent Village Position

The Battle Creek Historic Adventist Village, operated by Adventist Heritage Ministries, has a stipend position available with living accomodations included. A minimum of six months from Spring to Fall is essential. This position requires organizational and communications skills as well as a love of people and our Adventist Heritage. The daily challenges of scheduling groups and individual tours, volunteers who come to work, and conducting tours are the primary responsibilities. A love of history, an appreciation for our Adventist doctrines, and the ability and desire to express gratitude for God's love and leading is vital. Please send your resume to: Chuch Randall, 300 White Oak Road, Lawton, MI 49065 or cer@randallresidence.com.

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